Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Map

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Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam's largest and most populated city. It is the heart of the country's commerce and the centre of culture. As the home of about 10 million people, one can expect this city to be bustling with energy. It is also the nation's entertainment hub, where one can find amusement parks and similar attractions. With its tree-line boulevards, this city is best explored on foot.
Ho Chi Minh City is an impressive mix of the ancient and the modern. It features ancient pagodas and temples alongside old wooden shops that sell merchandise such as silk and spices. Meanwhile, the city is also home to skyscrapers, posh malls, classy restaurants and bars, as well as high-end hotels. It may be a modern metropolis, but it still exudes the history and culture of Vietnam. 

Looking at Ho Chi Minh right now, those who are not aware of its history might find it hard to believe that this city has been through turmoil. Formerly known as Saigon, the city was originally a small fishing village called Prey Nokor before it became a French colony of Cochin-china and the capital of South Vietnam. These days, Ho Chi Minh is a favourite with tourists.

Airport Hotels

Moevenpick Hotel Saigon  
First Hotel Ho Chi Minh  
Bel Ami Hotel  
Vissai Saigon Hotel  
Thanh Binh 2 Hotel  
ParkRoyal Saigon Hotel  
Hon En Hotel & Spa  
The Palm Hotel  
Minh Chau Hotel Tan Binh  
Hoang Dung Hotel  
Hoa Dong Duong Hotel  
Canh Trang Hotel  
Thanh Binh 1 Hotel  
Thien Trang Hotel  
Khai Hoan Hotel Apartment  
Tan Son Nhat Saigon Hotel  
The Alcove Library Hotel  
Hoa Thinh Hotel  
NAMU Saigon Hotel  
Hotel 199  
Hoang Ha Hotel  
Saigon Sunny Hotel  

District 1 - City Center Hotels

Thanh Truong Hotel  
Sunland Hotel  
Norfolk Hotel  
Pullman Saigon Centre Hotel  
Dinh Phat Hotel  
Empress Hotel Ho Chi Minh  
Hampton Hotel  
Time Door Hotel  
Catina Saigon Hotel  
Vien Dong Hotel  
Asian Ruby Luxury Hotel  
Oscar Saigon Hotel  
Hoang Lien Hotel  
Lan Lan Hotel 1  
A&Em Hotel - 8A Thai Van Lung  
Elegant Hotel HCM  
A&Em Hotel - 39 Thu Khoa Huan  
Ha My 3 Hotel  
Family Inn Saigon Hotel  
A&Em Hotel 60 Le Thanh Ton  
Hoang Hai Long 2 Hotel  
Cap Town Hotel  
Thanh Nguyen 2 Hotel  
Palace Hotel Saigon  
Silverland Central - Tan Hai Long Hotel & Spa  
Son Tung Hotel  
Somerset Ho Chi Minh City  
Sanouva Hotel  
Liberty 2 Hotel  
Hong Vy 1 Hotel  
Hoang Ngan Hotel HCMC  
Xuan Loc Hotel  
La Prince Hotel - A&Em Hotel 132 Ly Tu Trong  
The Petit Hotel - A&Em Hotel 179 Ly Tu Trong  
Universe Central Hotel Saigon  
Ha My Hotel  
Torino Hotel  
Nam De Hotel  
New Hotel  
Mai Anh Hotel  
Minh Chau Hotel  
Duna Hotel  
The White Hotel  
Ho Sen 2 Hotel  
Phan Anh Hostel  
Phuong Thuy Hotel  
Ha Hien Ben Thanh Hotel  
Thanh Long Hotel 2 HCMC  
Thanh Long Tan Hotel  
V & M Hotel  
Thanh Nguyen 1 Hotel  
Saigon Zoom Hotel  
A&Em Hotel 153 Ly Tu Trong  
Nguyen Thanh Hotel  
Royal Hotel Saigon  
Venus Hostel  
An An Hotel  
An An Hotel 2  
Lien Thanh Hotel  
Asian Hotel HCM  
Bong Sen Hotel Saigon  
Asian Ruby Central Hotel  
Thanh Lien Hotel  
Saigon Sport 1 Hotel  
La Jolie Hotel & Spa  
Paradise Saigon Boutique Hotel  
Riverside Hotel Saigon  
Hoang Hai Long South Hotel  
Queen Ann Hotel  
Somerset Chancellor Court  
Little Boutique Saigon Hotel  
Huong Trinh Hotel  
Compass Parkview  
Hoang Phu Gia Hotel  
Ruby River Hotel  
Budget Hostel Ngoc Thach  
Kelly Hotel  
Ho Sen Hotel  
Hai Long 5 Hotel  
Lavender Hotel  
The Spring Hotel Ho Chi Minh  
A&Em Hotel Dong Du  
Hotel Nikko Saigon  
Rang Dong Hotel  
Royal Lotus Hotel Saigon  
City Star Hotel  
Eden Saigon Hotel  
Tulips Hotel Saigon  
MayFlower Hotel Saigon  
Grand Hotel Saigon  
Boss 3 Hotel  
Golden Central Hotel Saigon  
Grand Silverland Hotel & Spa  
Sheraton Saigon Hotel And Towers  
Hoang Hai Long Dragon hotel  
Asian Ruby Park View Hotel  
Ellyse Nga Khanh Hotel HCMC  
Novotel Saigon Centre  
Little Saigon Corner Boutique Hotel  
Majestic Hotel Saigon  
Blue Diamond Hotel  
Saigon Zoom Hostel 3  
Regal Hotel  
Dai Huy Hoang Hotel  
Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon  
Mai Gia Huy  
A&Em - Phan Boi Chau Hotel  
A&Em Hotel 46 Hai Ba Trung  
May Flower Hotel  
Sofitel Plaza Saigon  
Northern Hotel  
Tan Hai Long Hotel 3  
Signature Saigon Hotel  
Dai Nam Hotel Saigon  
Silverland Sakyo Hotel & Spa  
Hoang Dung 86 Nguyen Trai Hotel  
Hotel Continental Saigon  
Silverland Hotel & Spa  
Caravelle Hotel  
Kingston Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City  
Pavilion Hotel  
Hai Ha Hotel  
Vuong Tai Hotel  
The Sun Hotel  
Harmony Saigon Hotel  
Hong Hac Hotel  
Coco Hotel Saigon  
Dong Do Hotel  
Sophia Hotel  
The White 2 Hotel  
Liberty Central Hotel  
Tan Hai Long Hotel 4  
A25 Sunrise Hotel  
Linh Dan Hotel  
Bong Sen Annex Hotel  
Saigon Royal Hotel HCM  
Thien Xuan Hotel  
Blessing 2 Hotel Saigon  
Blue Wind Hotel HCMC  
Van Phat Hotel Sai Gon  
Ava Saigon Hotel  
Nhu Ngoc Guest House  
Norfolk Mansion  
Huy Chuong Hotel Saigon  
Sabah Sai Gon Hotel  

District 3 Hotels

Saigon Star Hotel  
New Pacific Hotel  
Ruby Star 2 Hotel  
New Epoch Hotel Saigon  
Thien Thao Hotel  
Emm Hotel Saigon  
Avatar Hotel  
Victory Hotel Saigon  
Ramana Saigon Hotel  
Minh Chau Hotel - Dien Bien Phu  
Saigon Apartments  
Saigon Sky Hotel  
Evergreen Hotel  
Sen Viet Hotel  
Vuong Quang Hotel  
Boss Hotel  

District 5 - China Town Hotels

Tan Hoang Long Hotel  
Signature Boutique Hotel Saigon  
Phuoc Loc Tho 1 Hotel  
Phuoc Loc Tho 2 Hotel  
An Dong - Windsor Plaza Hotel  
Dong Kinh Hotel  
Dong Khanh Hotel  
Bat Dat Hotel  
Arc En Ciel - Bat Dat Hotel  
Khai Hoan Hotel  
Valentine Hotel Saigon  
Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City  

District 7 - Phu My Hung Hotels

Vien Dong Hotel Phu My Hung  
TajmaSago Castle  
Crown Diamond Hotel  
ibis Hotel Saigon South  
Hotel De Paris Saigon  
Capri by Fraser Ho Chi Minh City  

Outer City Center Hotels

Somerset Vista Ho Chi Minh  
Hoa Phat Hotel & Apartment  
An Binh Hotel 2  
Hoa Bao Hotel  
An Lam Saigon River Private Residence  
Riverside Serviced Apartments  
Thanh Binh 3 Hotel  
Saigon View Residences  
Charm Suite Saigon Hotel  
Saigon Domaine Luxury Residences  
Golden Palm Hotel  
Saigon Village  
Silver Creek City Resort  
Mismo Hotel  
Golf Hotel Phu My Hung  
Golden Ant Boutique Hotel  
Phuong Hoa Hotel  
Bliss Hotel  
Phu My Hung Hotel  

Pham Ngu Lao Hotels

LaFelix Hotel  
Liberty Saigon Park View  
Liberty Saigon Green View  
Elios Hotel  
Seventy Hotel  
Bali Boutique Hotel  
Saigon Europe Hotel  
Aston Hotel  
Blue River Hotel Ho Chi Minh  
Saigon Mini Hotel 6  
Tuan Anh Hotel 168  
Saigon Sport 3 Hotel  
Hotel Sunny Saigon  
Duc Vuong Hotel  
Ava Saigon 3 Hotel  
Spring House Hotel  
Giang Hotel